So this is my blog.

I’m currently on a year abroad in Mississauga, Ontario, so the posts will be less regular than usual. For updates on my year in Canada, check out http://mississauga-saga.tumblr.com/.

I hope you have come here because you enjoy reading what I write, although I don’t mind if you’ve come here for any other reason whatsoever. I’m glad that you’re here, so lets keep it friendly. Don’t get aggressive.

Over time this blog has morphed from a collection of unconnected thoughts and jokes, towards what it is now; a forum for creative writing, humour, and occasional observations about the world. There is also a definite feminist element involved. If you enjoy any or all of those things, hopefully either thought-provoking or funny blogging, this might just be the kind of blog you’d enjoy.


Therefore, enjoy! Or don’t, I’m not here to tell you what to do.

Or maybe I am?



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