Case Study


Whites on the left, reds on the right,
Darks in the middle, the odour of sweat;
The two-weekly cycle to the launderette.

In wash-baskets arranged, all unfolded, a mess
A wipe of the nose and the eyes will diffuse
The three-way assault as she puts on her shoes.

For a time we are motherless, basketless, nude
Until two hours later the baskets are back;
Fruit fragrance, whites whiter, reds redder, blacks black.

Now this time a suitcase replaces the basket
The clothes are arranged by their colours no more
And a strange man will carry them through the front door.

That wipe of the nose won’t dispel the regret;
Like a tickle in the throat, it will linger behind
Those clothes won’t be coming back again, not this time.




If you didn’t like this poem, what would you prefer to see?
If you think this poem needs improving, tell me why and how.
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