This is my first venture into posting fiction on the blog. I’m trying to keep it very, very concise, because of the nature of the blog format – as you’ll see. Also, I’m aiming to not be pretentious, but at the same time I’m experimenting with new ideas and styles so let me know if I am. If you think it’s crap, let me know. If you have constructive feedback, let me know. I”m more likely to listen to the latter. To be honest though, it would just be nice to hear any comments.

Falling Man


I’m here now. I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it. I have to do it. Oh God, I’m doing it.

I’m on the edge. This is it. Heart-rate through the roof. But this is what I planned. What else is there? No. No. Have to do it now. Now or never.

Now. Now. For fuck sake, now. Respond! Body, respond! Simple movement, just forward, two little steps.


Now one more. Just one more short little… don’t look, so far!

You know it’s far, it’s your plan. You knew this. You knew this before. Just one little step with your right. Just one more with the right. Ready? One, two, three…


Back? Why back? Why stop? You’re here, you wanted this. Just take a breath. Just take a breath. Just think. Is this what you want? Yes, of course. Just repeat. Just breath, repeat, steady, go…

Left again.

Come on! Move! Move, now. Move, just do it. Just end it. Just…

Right. Over…

Wind rush – fast noise – Photograph! Fields! – ears screaming popping – falling – flailing – Running! Mother! – wind rush – down – down – Joy, smiles! – praying – never praying – Joy, laughs! – no more – point past – She, she who gave it all! – life past – return past – ground fast – Later, another! Books! Darker! – breath breath breath breath final breath – Moving! Smiles fading! – remember – flash – blinding – She, she again! No! Another! Mother? – roaring roaring – faster down – closer – Not her! inside her! – down faster down faster – Another again! – coming coming coming – One, little one! – coming coming – But no more! And she! – coming – No more! And now, no more! – life! life! life no more! – And here’s Thump!


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